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Hi Guest Blogger!  Sunday, November 23, 2014

I’m Kate Rieger and the editor of DemandMagnet.com which is a guest blogging portal for sharing news and tips about internet marketing.  I created this tutorial to introduce people to using guest posting to build links and leverage traffic on popular websites. There are 5 brief lessons in this tutorial and a guest posting toolkit.  Enjoy and if you have any questions or are interested in posting on DemandMagnet.com, just send me a message or submit a news article.  Let’s get started!

Publishing a guest post on a popular blog is a powerful and proven strategy to build authority and generate inbound traffic. Why spend hours researching and writing an informative article only to get a few backlinks when you could use that same article as a guest post to build high ranking backlinks and generate more web traffic back to your blog? That is the difference between submitting articles to ezine article directories and guest posting.

Since Google’s Penguin update, ezine directories have fallen off the radar. Even highly revered article directories such as EzineArticles has lost the ranking priveleges it once enjoyed. Hundreds of thousands of articles have been deleted from article directories. In fact, Marnie Pehrson, owner of the longest running online article directory, IdeaMarketers.com, decided to close the site’s doors earlier this month in order to focus on a new educational site.

Why She Shut Down A Respected Article Directory

Why are all these article directories falling off the radar? Well, there are several reasons, but the main one is that they lost huge amounts of income and in some cases became unprofitable. You see, article directory income is largely dependent on Google Adsense advertisment clicks. That’s why the editors are so hep’ on having contributors submit keyword rich content.

An ezine directory’s rules of submission recommend having the keyword in the article title, main body and resource box. Those keywords are what drive the the Adsense ads that appear on the page. When a reader clicks on the article the page also shows the Adsense ads related to the keywords. If the reader click on one of those ads a commission is generated. That commission is the revenue fueling the directory. That revenue is what paid the article editors and supported the back-end servers and technology hosting the zillions of articles. What happens to a company that losses oodles of revenue? They go out of business.

The New Face of Article Syndication – Guest Posts

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t use article syndication, but things have changed in the world of content marketing. People don’t want to read “spun” crap and ezine directories were loaded with useless articles. People want to find information on the web that helps them get over a problem, make more money or achieve their personal goals. They don’t want to waste time opening an article that is full of gibberish.

So your content writing efforts need to focus on delivering great material that helps the reader. This is going to take more time to produce.

Which of these two options do you prefer?

Would you like to…

1. Do the work once, the right way from the very start, and continue to reap the maximum benefits in the long-run, for months or even years to come… maybe even forever…


2. Do a lot of work and maybe reap the benefits for a month, a week, or just a few days…and then, start all over again, from scratch, to maybe see some results (again) for another few days or weeks. And keep this cycle going for the rest of your life…

If your answer is #1, then you are a smart cookie! Okay, by now you are wondering how to find guest post opportunities that grow your business, increase blog traffic to your website, and build your list of people eager to do business with you.

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